Hi, I'm Jack

An Edinburgh Freelance Web Designer & Web Developer

I am a freelance web designer and web developer based in Edinburgh. I have over 10 years of commercial experience, in all areas large and small. I have worked on industry-leading products with large teams of developers, but have also worked with small mom and pop websites, which has allowed me to build up knowledge of all the modern frameworks and techniques. 



Website design is a constantly evolving thing and has changed quite drastically over the years.

Nowadays website designs not only have to look good on one device, but many different sized devices. I design my websites to be completely responsive and to scale to any size device. 

Just resize your window or change orientation on your device now to see what I mean.

As your freelance website designer, I will work with you to create not only a beautiful design, but a functional one, which will scale to all devices.


I have a long history of working in all areas of the development stack and by doing this I have built up a knowledge of all the latest web development frameworks that are on offer.

I can take your website design and incorporate it with an appropriate CMS, such as WordPress or ProcessWire. Which will make it child's play to update your content.

I also work with larger bespoke projects, which are required to be built from the ground up and require more specialist knowledge.


Choosing a freelance website designer in Edinburgh is hard. Choosing a good one is even harder. This is because it's easy for someone to throw together an abomination in WordPress, which is unintelligible for the customer to use and update, slow to load and won't rank well on google.

What you get by choosing me as your freelance website designer is the comfort knowing that you are in safe hands. I have been designing and developing websites for years with great results and happy customers.

So what are the pros of choosing me as your freelance website designer?

Beautiful custom designed website

I can design your website from the ground up to make it completely unique. 

All my designs are completely responsive, they will be built with scaling in mind so that they will work on any device you throw at them.

Search Engine Optimisation

You can have the best looking website ever, but if it isn't optimized to rank on google then no one will be able to find you.

I will design your website from the ground up to be compliant with google and can assist you after your site goes live to move up in the rankings.


Slow website designs are not only irritating to use, but they will hurt your rankings with google. So even if people do find your site, then they will be irritated by the load times and leave.

There are a number of techniques that can be incorporated to keep your website design loading as quickly as possible. 

Just refresh this website and see how quickly it loads, so you can see what I can do for you.

Ease of use

So many websites these days are hacked together with WordPress plugins, which among other problems, makes them a nightmare to navigate and update your content from the back end system.

I develop websites with ease of use as a priority and use the right tools for the job. 

The end result is a website that is so easy to update, even a pensioner could work it (I know this from experience...).


Even though my websites are so easy to use, I will still provide full training on how to update your new website

If you are based near Edinburgh, then I can meet you face to face. If you aren't based near Edinburgh though, then you need not worry as I can share my screen with you and walk you through everything remotely.


If you opt for one of my maintenance packages, then you get access to my premium VPS hosting which is much faster and more secure than the standard shared hosting.

I will also maintain the server to keep it up to date, running quick and keep resistant to hacks/viruses.


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