Hi, I'm Jack

An Edinburgh Freelance Web Developer & Web Designer

I am a freelance web designer and web developer based in Edinburgh.

I have over 10 years of commercial experience, in all areas large and small. I have worked on industry-leading products with large teams of developers, but have also worked with small mom and pop websites, which has allowed me to build up knowledge of all the modern frameworks and techniques. 


Website Development

I have been a PHP and JavaScript website developer for for most of my adult life. This has allowed me to build up a lot of specialist knowledge that is very rare to find in your average freelance web developer.

Any web developer can point and click together a website in WordPress with plugins and themes... I am a programmer at heart and can build websites from the ground up no matter how complex they are.

The majority of my web development career has been working in teams of developers on large bespoke framework based projects. This means I am up to speed with the latest web development techniques and frameworks.

Website Design

Web design is a constantly evolving field with new challenges cropping up every year.

With more and more websites being thrown together with cheap templates and plugins, having a website custom designed can make you stand out from the crowd.

A good design will respond to every size of device, be lightning fast to load and most importantly be easy to use for your users.

I have designed and built hundreds of websites while employed for various agencies and as a freelance web designer, so have seen what works and what doesn't.

App Development

An app allows you to do things that just cannot be done with a website.

I build apps with a modern technique which allows you to build once and deploy to both IOS and Android in one go. This teqnique saves a massive amount of time and money, bringing app development into a much more affordable budget.

Another benefit to having a web developer build your app is I can build the necesarry web endpoints that are usually required for an app build. Again saving money hiring multiple developers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What use is a website if no one can find you?

There are many factors which google use to rank your website and I can help you to meet those ranking factors.

I can provide monthly reports on the progress being made so you can watch as you move your way up the rankings.


I won't just stick you on a cheap £3 a month shared host.

I use top of the line VPS servers which are faster and more secure.

I also have more specialist knowledge on the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS) if there is a requirement for it. I can set you up on auto scaling, load balanced servers with automated redudancy. So no matter the size of your site it will always remain fast and secure.


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