Web development

I find the code itself to be an artform. No matter how many coding standards and frameworks there are, everyone adds their own flair.

I am a full stack software engineer, with over 10 years of experience doing this every day.

Over those years I have build up a broad range of skills, working on everything from huge global platforms built with teams of 40+ developers down to every day brochure sites.

For anyone unfamiliar with this industry, there are multiple approaches to building a website. For a brochure or ecommerce website, you will typically want a simple content management system (CMS)

My go to CMS for most sites that fit this mould would be WordPress. You can build clean custom websites, or use pre built themes to achieve a website you can easily update and add to.

For something more custom, a developer will typically work with a framework, to maintain standards and speed up development.

Framworks I have worked with

I have worked with many different frameworks over the years, however the noteworthy ones would be:

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

What use is it having a website if no one can find it!

I can provide an audit for your website and build a plan that will get your website ranking better on google.

Being a developer, I can deal with all the technical side of SEO as well as helping you with everything else, such as backlinking, content and competitor analysis.

WordPress Development

Ok so let me get 1 thing out the road here... There are 2 kinds of WordPress developers. The kind that drag and drop themes and plugins together and run for the hills when something doesn't work, then the kind that can build professional websites from the ground up.

Being a software developer, I can do both (without the running for the hills bit!). But I specialise in building things the propper way.

Wordpress is an increadably versitile platform and when done right, the results can be outstanding.


WooCommerce is the go to e-commerce platform and happens to be built on WordPress.

I have worked with WooCommerce extensively and I can build totally bespoke e-commerce sites on the back of it.

Website Hosting

Typically when your website is done, the agency or developer would put your site on a cheap shared host and be done with it.

Shared hosting providers are over subscribed, insecure and usually result in slower load times

I use powerful linux VPS servers for the majority of my hosting. However, for more particular requirements I work with Amazon Web Services to provide unlimited scalablility!

The results are more secure and lightning quick!

App Development

I have experience with frameworks such as Ionic, which means I can develop your app once and compile it for both Android and IOS in one go.

Developing apps this way is significantly faster and by extension of that is significantly cheaper!

Being a web developer I can build your app to hook into custom API's, meaning it can talk to your website and pull from and update the same resources.