About Me

I am an experienced freelance web designer and web developer based in Edinburgh. I have been working as a professional website developer for over 10 years now. 

I have worked for some of the largest web design agencies in Edinburgh and Fife, but I have also worked in in-house teams, working on large bespoke, industry-leading software.  This means I have seen what works and what doesn't work and can pass that wealth of experience on to you.

What else do I do?

I'm a tinkerer who loves to figure out the inner workings of everything. 

I'm also a bit of a petrol head who loves anything with an engine and a set of wheels (2 or 4!). So recently I combined my love of tinkering and things on wheels and built myself a campervan, which I used to drive around Europe.

Due to my tinkering nature though my first love has always been code. I usually have some wacky idea that I'm working away on.


Who I work with


That about sums it up really. I work with agencies who need someone to take on their overflow. I work with clients who have large, industry leading websites, and I also work with clients who just need a simple, easy to use website for their small business.

Where I Have Worked

I haven't always been freelancing full time. I have worked in many different areas in the web development/design industry, which has given me a depth of experience that is rare to find in a lot of developers freelancing in this industry.

PODFather - Software Engineer

PODFather is a company who specialize in proof of delivery software, which is being utilized by huge companies such as Tarmac and Bidfresh.

I worked as part of a team of 40-50 software engineers to update and maintain the core product in PHP and JavaScript, as well as the Android and IOS mobile apps.

Gift Experience Scotland - Senior Software Engineer

Gift Experience Scotland used to be one of the leading experience companies in Scotland.

I was part of a small team of 4 in house web developers/designers which were responsible for updating and maintaining the heavily modified Gift Experience Scotland WordPress website, as well as developing their new global platform Experee, which was a huge bespoke platform built in a PHP framework called Yii.

Internet Creation - Lead Software Engineer

Internet Creation is a web design agency in Fife who specialize in designing and developing websites for small local businesses.

I was their lead website designer/developer and was responsible for taking a client through the full process of planning, designing, developing then supporting their websites.

McEwan Fraser Legal - Web Developer/Designer

I briefly worked at McEwan Fraser Legal to help maintain their in house bespoke system built in Yii/PHP, which they use to manage everything in the company.

I was also involved in designing PPC landing pages for their paid advertising, which involved a lot of UX psychology to encourage users to request a call back.

Planys Cloud - Software Engineer

Planys Cloud (Now known as Ember Ltd) are a software company who build large bespoke applications for their clients.

The project I was responsible for developing here was a platform called RealRider.

RealRider is a motorcycling social media platform with some safety aspects to it. The platform allows you to record and share routes with other users.

They also partnered with the NHS to provide assistance in the event of a crash. The app uses the data provided by the GPS and accelerometer in your phone to detect if you have been in a crash and will send an alert to get an ambulance sent directly to your location.