Freelance WordPress Developer in Edinburgh

WordPress is everywhere these days and is well known for it’s ability to do just about everything.

I am an Edinburgh based Freelance WordPress Developer with over 10 years of experience with the platform.

It is possible for someone with minimal programming experience to clobber something together with a theme and lots of plugins. The results of this tend to be a slow, clunky site that’s a nightmare to maintain.

I have a long history of building WordPress sites from scratch, including building bespoke themes and plugins, resulting in easy to maintain, quick websites that look exactly the way you want them to.

Having a web developer with a deep programming background makes a huge difference to the outcome when building a site in WordPress and I can help you get the most out of the platform.

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WordPress Theme Design

There are 2 main ways to approach a WordPress website build. The first is to use a pre made theme that has everything you generally need built in. This allows you to build a website very quickly and you can see roughly what the outcome will be like from the example on the themes website.

Developing a WordPress website with a premade theme may be cheap and can be an appropriate option if you just need a basic brochure website. But these themes are packaged with a lot of junk in the trunk that you might not be using, causing the website to be a bit bloated and slow.

I can design you a WordPress theme from scratch that means you can get a beautiful design that is carefully crafted to do exactly what you need.

Developing a WordPress website this way gets rid of the bloat and results in a much easier to use experience from an admin experience, quicker load times and a more professional look for your website.

You have control through the full design process, from the wire framing through to the final touches. Meaning you always know what to expect and can have input through the full website development.

WordPress Plugin Development

There are thoudsands of off the shelf plugins available and a lot of the time you can find something that does exactly what you need for little to no cost.

Due to the way WordPress is built it means that if you can think of it then WordPress can likely be extended to do it.

Off the shelf plugins aren’t always the answer though and sometimes a more bespoke solution is needed.

I have a strong programming background and a lot of history developing WordPress plugins, so I can develop a plugin for you to do just about anythying you could need from it.

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