Freelance Web Developer Edinburgh

Edinburgh is booming in the web development scene. There are lots of fresh faces popping up all the time, so picking a reliable web developer in Edinburgh can be a tricky task with so much to choose from!

I have been a freelance web developer in Edinburgh for over 10 years now and have picked up a vast array of experience in those years.

I have experience working in large web development teams, on large bespoke websites and app builds, where every line you write is thoroughly code reviewed. Meaning no matter how complex a build is, I have the experience necessary to come up with clean and extendable solutions.

I also have experience of the other end of the scale, converting designs to work with CMS’s such as WordPress or creating custom plugins that make it possible to achieve results you just can’t get with off the shelf plugins.

So look no further, I am an affordable, yet highly skilled Edinburgh based website developer and can help you get where you need to be.

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What Frameworks Can I Work With?

I have been a website developer in Edinburgh for quite a while now and have worked in various areas of the industry. This has given me exposure to most of the latest frameworks and CMS’s

The most popular CMS’s that I have been working with recently would be:

And for the frameworks:

I have worked with many others in the past though and the good thing is that the skills are transferrable. So if you have something not on that list then should still be able to help.

E-commerce Web Development

There is considerably more to think about when you mix e-commerce into the equation. Especially if you are selling to a global audience

I have worked with most of the latest and greatest frameworks. Including WooCommerce, Shopify and the behemoth known as Magento.

The key aspects of an e-commerce website development are:

  • Simplicity – users shouldn’t be distracted from simply finding their product and giving you their money.
  • Speed – This is important on any website, but even more so on e-commerce, because every second you add to load times will significantly impact your bottom line.
  • Stability – Having a buggy website on an unreliable server can cost you big time. I plan for redundancy with automation, so you are never without your site.

Nail those 3 items and you will be off to a good start with your e-commerce website development.

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Themed vs Custom Websites

There are a few different ways to approach a website development build.


My favourite way to build a website is to design and build everything from scratch. The benefits from this are:

The only real con is that this process takes a bit longer… meaning it costs more. But is a lot of cases it’s certainly worth it to get something that will last and that won’t be a nightmare to maintain.


A theme is a quick and cheap way to throw together a website with minimal actual coding.

You pick out a theme from a library that most closely resembles what you want to achieve. Then tie it together with any plugins you need and put your content in.

Theme’s can get some good results though if your website developer knows how to pear things back and not go overboard with off the shelf plugins.

A nice upside of this method of website development is that you can flick through designs and get a general idea of the finished product before anything has even been started!

If you just need a basic website, don’t have a strong idea of what you want it to look like and want to keep things to a tight budget, then a theme can be a great option.

Choosing a CMS

It can be confusing for anyone who doesn’t do this for a living to choose which Content Management System to choose.

It is getting more simple these days though, because WordPress has become the go to platform for most web development projects.

WordPress can do almost anything a typical website needs due to how extendable it is with plugins. Need a shop? add WooCommerce… Need a blog?… Thats what WordPress does best!

There are other platforms out there that nich down a bit more. For example Shopify, which is a hosted platform targetting e-commerce sites. But 9 times out of 10 I recommend WordPress because it does everything so well.

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Web Development Philosophy

I love code… well… I love clean code!

Developing a website and writing clean code requires a lot of planning. Jumping in head first can and usually does end up with a wire mess that is hard to deal with.

Clean code should be well thought out, clean and easily extendable.

If it were up to me, then everyone would be taught how to do basic programming. Because it teaches you how to problem solve and how cutting corners can come back to bite you!

It also teaches you how to approach large daunting tasks. Its easy to look at a massive build and wonder how you will ever get through it all. But everything can be broken down into bite size chunks when properly planned out.

Websites that are cobbled together with point and click themes and hundreds of plugins end up buggy, slow and a maintenance nightmare. I keep things as simple as possible and build from there, so that your website development will be fast, maintainable and last a long time.

I pride myself on the fact that I know how to tackle every stage of web development and design. So I can take you from just a basic idea all the way through to getting your new website ranked with search engines.