Freelance Web Development
in Edinburgh

I have a strong programming background and am not your average point and click WordPress web developer that will dissapear as soon as something goes wrong.

I have experience working in large web development teams, on large bespoke website and app builds, where every line you write is thoroughly code reviewed. Meaning no matter how complex a build is, I have the experience necesarry to come up with clean and extendable solutions.

Laravel Web Development

Laravel is a framework for PHP which allows you build bespoke websites from the ground up. Laravel would be appropriate for a large bespoke build that doesn't fit with a generic CMS.

Most of these "MVC" style frameworks are essentially the same, so if you have a project built in something like Yii or CodeIgniter, then the skills are transferrable.

Laravel has been the most widely used framework for some time now though and for good reason. It's very nice to work with, which speeds up development, making it cheaper and easier.

I have worked with Laravel and its pre decessors/competitors (such as Yii and Ruby on Rails) for the my whole career and by doing so, I have built up a strong programming background, which helps make me stand out from your average point and click WordPress freelance web "developer".

Due to the bespoke nature of these builds, each one will be broken down into tasks and priced for with my hourly rate.

WordPress Web Development

30% of the web runs on WordPress... Which is crazy considering WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform.

However, because WordPress is so easily extendable, people started creating plugins, which has given you the ability to add things like full content management and e-commerce functionality.

What wordpress does is allow people from all skill levels to build a website, either by pulling together themes and plugins, or by building something from scratch.

The low barrier to entry though means that the market is flooded with point and click WordPress "developers" who will drop the ball as soon as anything technical is needed.


I have used WordPress for most of my web developer career and have been building themes and plugins from the ground up right from the beginning.

Wether you are building a complicated e-commerce website with lots of custom functionality or just want a simple brochure website with a pre built theme, I can help.

Prices start from just £640 for a simple templated website.

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Website Design

Not all programmers do website design. However, website design has always been a passion for me and is one of my favourite parts of any website build.

All my designs are mobile responsive, quick to load and designed exactly to your specifications.

I can walk you through a full design process, from requirements gathering and wireframing, through to the final tweaks so that you have full control over the outcome, right from the start of the website design process.

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Javascript Web Development

JavaScript has blown up in recent years and is being used in a much more involved way than in the past, where you would just have the odd bit of javascript/jQuery to validate a form.

Nowadays we have frameworks such as Angular and Reach, which take front end programming to a new level.

JavaScript has even made it's way into server side programming via the use of NodeJS, meaning you could have your whole web development build programmed in the one language.

JavaScript has been sat right along side of PHP through my whole Web Development Career.

I have worked extensively with AngularJS and the Angular 2+ iterations that followed. I have also started using a couple of newer frameworks such as VueJS and React, which are becomming more and more popular.

What Else Can I Do?

Programming skills are transferrable between languages and framworks, because the principles largely stay the same.

I am always looking to add new skills to my list, so that I stay ahead of the curve to allow me to provide the best solutions at the best prices.


I have worked with many different frameworks and content management systems over the years and have built up a general knowledge that allows me to hop onto any new framework and hit the ground running.

So whatever your web development requirements, give me a shout and I will be able to put you on the right path.