Freelance Web Design
In Edinburgh

Web design is a constantly evolving field, which has gotten more simple in some areas and more complicated in others.

A good web design should be simple, consistent, mobile friendly and quick to load. A bloated slow website design will result in people leaving to go elsewhere.

I have been a freelance web designer for around 10 years now and have been around as the field has evolved over the years. So I have a keen eye for detail and know what works and what doesn't.

I'm a big believer in simplicity and try to create designs which emphasise the content. I also take a real focus on performance and aim to get a page loading in the sub 1s range where possible. 

Custom Design vs Templates

These days there are many ways to use pre made templates to build a site. Wether its a raw HTML template or a WordPress theme.

Templates are a valid option for someone wanting to keep costs low and don't mind having a website design that might be used on someone elses website.

There is always a trade off to using a pre made theme though. If it's a WordPress theme, then typically your performance takes a hit, it's not quite as straight forward to use and it might look a bit generic.

A custom design involves building from the ground up. I typically start with requirements gathering to get a basic view of what is needed.

Once that's done I will move onto wireframing the site with you so we can get a feel for the structure and start planning the design itself.

Then I can move on to designing the site itself. This process allows you to have input at each stage of the design and get your ideas on the plate as early as possible.

You can find a blog post about my web design process here