Experee was a global experience reseller with over 30,000 experiences worldwide. I designed and built this website from the ground up, working closely with the director of the company.

This was a long term project, requiring many man-hours and lots of different technologies.

We started with the design, which they wanted to have a similar feel to their other similar product Gift Experience Scotland, then once we had the design details pinned down, I started building the site completely from scratch in a PHP framework called Yii.

I set the site up on AWS with auto-scaling servers, so that when server loads started to peak, it would automatically add more servers to the stack to deal with the increased load. This saves money and means the site always has enough resources.

I then got to work on the SEO, starting with optimization of the content, setting up of the new blog and helped set up a backlink strategy. This is no small feat on such a large scale website.

Overall the site was a huge success, however, the company ran into financial difficulties and ended up going into liquidation.